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What to Wear: Summer Wedding Do’s and Don’ts


Sometimes you’ve got to put away your togs and jandals and get cleaned up – it’s the season of I dos, which means a whole summer of romancing and dancing.

But what to wear…? It can be tricky dressing for someone’s big day (unless it’s a nude wedding), but fortunately, we’ve dry cleaned whole wardrobes of wedding gear – enough to make us experts – and we’re happy to share some golden rules.

Don’t Wear White

Honestly, don’t even go there. Wearing all white to someone else’s wedding is like saying ‘It’s my birthday as well!’ right when your friend’s about to blow out her candles. Let the bride shine by opting for other summer colours. If you’re still eyeing up your white dress, just remember that white stains. Make the most of the free chow and wine by avoiding this tell-tale colour. And men, if you’re eyeing up a white tux, I have no words for you.

Do Try It Before You Buy It

If you’re buying a new outfit for the occasion, try it on beforehand. It might look 10/10 on the rack or on the model, but try it on to make sure the length, cut and colour are right for you. Even if the tag reads your size, sizes can vary between styles, so it pays to take a quick trip to the changing room. If you’re buying online to save some dollars, check if a local store has your outfit in stock so you can try it before you buy it.

Don’t Wear Nothing

Turning up in a revealing outfit may not be the best call. Remember there will be elderly folks here – people prone to heart attacks. We get you’ve been working on your summer bod, but a wedding is not the place to show it off. Try to adhere to the dress code, and seriously, dodge any impulse to make a political statement. Nipples will be freed one day, but probably not at Rob and Stacey’s church side ceremony.

Do Check For Rips and Stains

How embarrassing would it be to spot a hole in your jacket or a stain on your shirt halfway through the bride and groom’s vows? Check for rips and stains beforehand to feel confident in the crowd. If you find last week’s jam stains on your sleeve or a button that’s gone AWOL, get it sorted. Don’t have the time? Try Laundromap and we’ll take care of it. There’s vintage, there’s arty and then there’s just plain dirty.

Do Overdress

If you are unsure how dressed up or dressed down the wedding will be, play it safe and dress up. For men, a minimum is a blazer and tie with a pair of chinos. Shoes maketh the man so definitely do not take the pair of converse or vans, opt for a simple leather shoe, polished and cleaned. For ladies, a dress will impress.

Still feeling unsure about your wedding attire? Classics are timeless for a reason. If in doubt, try a clean cut suit or a simple dress matched with shined shoes. Already got an outfit but need it ironed or dry cleaned? We provide a fast pickup and delivery service that’ll give you more time to mull over wedding gift ideas. Easy peasy.

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